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Dominic Grocott
Project Director | European Wind O&M 2019
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Onshore wind has traditionally relied on three models for operation and maintenance (O&M). These models have historically been seen as somewhat antagonistic, but times are changing. The need for cooperation in order to continue driving down costs is leading to a rethink on O&M models and a new perspective on service contracts.

In this exclusive white paper, you will hear how the service contract landscape is changing and what that means for key stakeholders, covering:

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•    The historical perspective
•    Longer service contracts
•    Alternatives to OEMs
•    Hybrid O&M arrangements
•    Towards energy availability
•    Outlook and conclusions

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The opportunities and threats are identified by some of the most influential O&M leaders; with perspectives coming from owner/operators, OEMs and ISPs:

This guide will help you understand how to get more value from your service contacts

Experts in operations, contracting & procurement who contributed to this white paper include:

•    Pedro Alves, Transversal Activities Manager, EDPR
•    Guy Auger, CEO, Greensolver
•    Marco Cannarozzo, Production Optimisation Manager, ERG
•    Frank Heinz, Vice President Global Service Sales, Senvion
•    Billy Stevenson, Managing Director, Deutsche Windtechnik
•    Gianluca Teodori, Country Manager, ERG    

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