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Join us at Wind Operations & Maintenance Canada 2017 for a ground-breaking, and business insights driven analysis of what’s required to truly capture every MWh and enhance overall project AEP at all wind sites.

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NEW conference theme: Capture Every MWh!

5 key reasons why attending Wind O&M Canada will allow you to truly optimize and perfect your wind O&M strategy:

  • Master O&M contract planning & management for better warranty ROI: Make the most profitable decisions about warranty contract planning, asset management and contract renewal based on your appetite for risk, company size and WTG characteristics

  • WTG component failure, servicing and repair case studies: Operators, OEM’s and ISP’s will demonstrate why certain components have failed and how they were repaired, so you improve your ability to manage unscheduled failures and non-scheduled repairs

  • The very latest predictive and preventative maintenance strategies: Improve your maintenance scheduling and resource management to increase MWh and profitability against your budget

  • Build a Data-Driven Wind O&M Strategy: Learn how to 1) identify, combine, and manage multiple sources of CMS and SCADA data, 2) build advanced-analytics models for predicting and optimizing turbine performance monitoring and power forecasting; and 3) manage corporate digital transformation

  • Optimize O&M resources to improve your bottom line: Receive the asset manager’s perspective on how to technically and financially enhance asset management strategies across the board, including contracting structures, supply chain management and budgeting

Year-on-year we invite only the most experienced O&M professionals to share their most successful O&M strategies with you. Here’s just some of the expert speakers we have confirmed…

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Wind O&M Canada 2017
New Energy Update

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